Sunday, January 27, 2008

What can a C program and Programming Language do?

A Typical programming task includes putting data into a database or pulling it out, displaying high speed graphics in a game or video, managing the electronic devices joined to the PC or even playing music and/or sound effects. You can even write down software to generate music or help you to compose. A programming language is used to write down computer programs like Applications, Utilities, Servers and Systems Programs. A program is written as a series of human comprehensible computer instructions that can be read by a compiler and linker, and translated into machine code so that a computer can know and run it in programming language.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Aspect of Life

Throughout life people make various decisions upon life, some of which are less significant as others. One of the main decisions I took was that in which I had decided to leave my old life in China and come to Australia. After all, I always wanted to travel around the world. Now after expenses half of my life here, I would like to bid farewell to a few of favorable memories of home.

Send-off to the little girl that played .I expect I will come back to home soon and see you all again. With me when I was in kinder garden who helped me get through my first day away from mum. Thank you for pleasing me to the dentist when my tooth was painful at the middle of the night. Goodbye to the teachers who carried me in her upper body when I cry in tears every morning seeing my mum go to work without me.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


A highway is a most important road within a city, or linking numerous cities together. It has roads known as interstate highway, motorway, freeway and autobahn, where a full description varies by country. In general, a highway is a road which has multiple lanes of traffic in all direction, often with a physical division (median) connecting opposing traffic, and separate access ramps to and from the highway which are more extensively separated than connections on a normal road and are often grade-separated. A highway may prohibit access by pedestrians and limit what vehicles may perhaps travel on it.
In olden times, a highway was any main road traveling a long distance outside of a city. Early roads between cities would at times suffer from highwaymen who would rob people traveling the route. In the 20th century, on the other hand, the word commonly came to be used simply for high-speed, often specially-designed automobile routes. On 10 September 1913, the first paved coast-to-coast highway opened in the US states.
Highways generally have a higher speed limit than other roads for the reason that they have additional lanes and are designed for driving at a higher speed. In distant areas, a highway may have rest areas where motorists may stop and calm down before resuming a long drive. By convention, the lane nearby to the median on a multi-lane highway is called the passing lane. The longest single national highway in the world is the Trans Canada Highway, which goes from Victoria, British Columbia, on the Pacific Coast, through ten states to the Atlantic Coast, at St. John's, the Newfoundland.

Monday, January 7, 2008

What is Servlet in Java?

A Servlet is an object that gets a request and makes a response based on that request. The basic servlet package describes the Java objects to signify servlet requests and responses, with objects to reflect the servlet's configuration parameters and execution environment in the program. The package javax.servlet.http describes HTTP-specific subclasses of the generic servlet elements, with the session management objects that track multiple requests and responses involving the Web server and a client. Servlets may perhaps be packaged in a WAR file as a Web application.
Servlets can be generated routinely by JavaServer Pages (JSP), or alternately by template engines for example WebMacro. Often servlets are used in conjunction with JSPs in a sample called "Model 2", which is a flavor of the model-view-controller sample.


The leading theme of his maturity human struggle with the forces of nature. As a young-looking man, he received his start as an illustrator of magazines. He became a normal contributor of design drawings to Harper's Weekly, one of the nation most admired magazines of the time. After spending a year in Paris in 1856, he returned to the U.S. with a better accepting of the light in impressionism even though he was not really influenced by French art. In the early 1860's, Homer made several trips to the front lines of some Civil War battle in Virginia. It was from sketches he made there that he formed his first main oil work, Prisoners from the Front, Metropolitan Museum, New York City.

The United States has produced its own breed of painter true to the vision and character of the nation. In the nineteenth century, one of its most Winslow Homer. Classified as an American naturalist painter. Winslow was a self-taught artist who became most famous for his views of the American landscape and most Taking up solitary habitation on the Maine coast at Prout's Neck, he produced such masterpieces of realism as Eight Bells in it the drama of the sea scene is imbue with an epic, heroic quality that symbolizes.