Thursday, April 10, 2008

What do you mean by Superbike racing?

The Superbike racing is a category of motorcycle road racing that employs modified production motorcycles, in the same way that Touring car racing employs production cars. Numerous countries like USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada operate national superbike championships, and a World Superbike final has run since 1988.
The Superbike category is extremely popular with manufacturers. As the race bikes are built from production road bikes, the marketing price of a Superbike victory is important. The set of laws relating to how extensively the machine can be modified vary significantly in the various competitions. The AMA Superbike series agrees for substantial modification of the machine, together with modifying elements of the engine block. On the contrary, World Superbike is significantly stricter and since 2004 this series has as well featured a control Pirelli tire. Until then it was general for riders form domestic championships to enter their country's race as a wildcard - Makoto Tamada and Shane Byrne are amid many riders to beat the regulars in these one-off races, and both went on to greater success.

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