Thursday, April 16, 2009

Highest waterfall

Country: Venezuela

Height: 979 m

Location: Canaima National park

River: Gauja (Rio Gauya), tributary of Rio Churún. The last in turn is tributary of Rio Caroni.

The name - Gauja - to the river has been given by Latvian Alejandro Laime, who was the first to reach this waterfall by land. The other Gauja river is located in Latvia - in fact it is among the most beautiful rivers of Latvia. Often there is made mistake by telling that this waterfall is on Rio Churún.

Other information: At the lower part the waterfall is 150 m wide. Europeans discovered the waterfall in 1935. Waterfalls is named after James Angel - American adventurer, who had to make an emergency landing with his plane nearby in 1937.

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