Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finding a Balance

Weight is a result of caloric balance. If we eat more calories than we use, we gain weight. If we eat less calories than we use, we lose weight. Obesity may be the most frequent chronic disease that we have in front of us and it's important because it's a major contributor to other diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

To support efforts to help individuals achieve this balance and to provide insights into ways in which communities can be involved, CDC-TV has just released a new video in its "Health Matters" series "Finding a Balance" providing expert perspectives on caloric or "energy" balance and personal stories of how individuals have made changes in their lives to achieve this balance.

New "Health Matters" features are released each month, and each are produced in collaboration with subject matter experts within CDC's Centers, Institutes and Offices. Features will also provide links to other online resources for each topic where viewers can find more information. These programs will provide insights into each topic, information about research or programs from CDC, and ideas on how viewers might address the issue. Other CDC-TV content will include PSA's, and innovative content such as the animated "Eyes of the Eagle" book series.

Providing short, high-quality videos is part of CDC's goal to increase people's access to the information necessary to help prevent illness, injury and to protect their health and that of their families. Collectively, these and other resources contribute to CDC's efforts supporting a larger effort by staff and partners to lead America toward being the Healthiest Nation.

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