Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rules and regulation to avoid drinks without alcohol addiction

Alcohol is injurious to health alcohol affects brain and it leads to short term memory loss. If anyone is alcohol addict they have stones in the kidney. Now a day the youth is facing restlessness due to the alcohol problems. And there speech is inaudible and they are vomiting and they will always think in wrong observation and they always wavering in the mind and they skip some of the daily activities. After taking alcohol they become harsh in daily life. In that time they will think to get anything and they will do anything they thought. After taking alcohol they won’t bother others words they keep on sticking their own way.

After taking alcohol they remain silent and they won’t bother others speech. They keep on thinking about their future plans about alcohol with their friends and they won’t concentrate in their studies and they won’t do any of their assignments. Their thought is only about alcoholism and other drugs. They know it is dangerous to health though they won’t bother about their health.

And finally they are struggling to live. Alcohol gives plenty of diseases like cancer, heart problem, lungs problem this are the diseases affected by the alcohol. If they are addicted they can’t come to normal man again it takes time to quit everything. There are so many good things to eat but they drink and they will eat only bad things.

Each and forthcoming generation is trying to drink earlier than the older generation. In olden generation they started to drink in the age of more than forty years. Now a day the generation is developed they started drinking earlier. They started drinking in school life itself.

If something happen for anyone if anyone complaining immediately they should take action otherwise they may see the consequences by the child. If action is not taken the child also go in wrong way it is not good for every nations. Now a day the youths become addicts and they are almost in the age of more than 20’s. So they have to live in good way.

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